The 31st

4 BHK Apartment

Masterpiece of Architectural Design

Luxurious living

Experience luxurious living in this spacious 4716 sq. ft. freehold apartment featuring a Spacious Bedrooms, Kitchen and entrance foyer.

Modern amenities

Enjoy a range of modern amenities, including a covered swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor games room, and spa with steam bathroom.

Convenient location

This under-construction apartment also offers close proximity to the road, making it the perfect home for families who value convenience and luxury.



Experience unmatched luxury in "The 31st" by Beverly Group, featuring under-construction 4 BHK apartments in Thaltej, Ahmedabad. Possession in August 2025, enjoy personalized living in a gated society with a covered pool, gym, spa, and more.

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Choosing the perfect city to call home involves considering various factors such as quality of life, infrastructure, education, healthcare, and cultural opportunities. In the vibrant state of Gujarat, India, there are several cities that offer a unique blend of modern amenities and rich cultural heritage.




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